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Less Than Zero - Bret Easton Ellis Two hundred pages of spoiled rich kids getting fucked up, fucking, and driving around being bored.I kept reading, thinking, "God, something's gotta happen soon. I bet when it does, it's gonna be awesome, because everyone says Bret Easton Ellis is so awesome." A third of the way through, half way through, I thought, "Any minute now, some shit's gonna happen..." About twenty pages from the end, I realized, "No, nothing is going to happen. This actually is an entire book about boring, narcissistic rich kids with drug habits who do nothing but drive around from party to party (where they do drugs) being boring narcissists. Fuck. I am such a schmuck for reading this entire stupid book. You sure got me good, Bret Easton Ellis."Just go hang around with some boring, privileged, self-absorbed addicts that you don't actually like in real life; you'll get pretty much the same effect as reading this book. (Note: Some reviews mention "shock value." All I've gotta say on that is that any "shock value" this book had has seriously depreciated since the 80s.)I suppose I could mark this review as containing spoilers, because I have just told you everything that happens in this book. But since nothing interesting happens in this book the idea of spoilage is moot.