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American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis, Harald Hellmann, Clara Drechsler

note: Clearly, given my two previous experiences with Bret Easton Ellis, I do not learn.I'm on page 33 of American Psycho: Dude, just eat the fucking bran muffin already so we can all get on with our lives.I'm on page 71 of American Psycho: After careful statistical sampling, I have determined there would be 50% less of this fucking boring book if we didn't have to read catalog descriptions of every single item of clothing every single character wears. I get it, I get it, blah blah blah American Dream blah blah blah consumer culture blah blah blah. If it's as boring to live as it is to read, no wonder they're all doing coke.I'm on page 88 of American Psycho: Shocked by upper middle class white serial killer treating stereotypical Chinese laundry immigrant like shit. Shocking! What a shocking book, I am so shocked by this revelatory picture of American culture!I'm on page 100 of American Psycho: I give up. You beat me, Bret Easton Ellis, I can endure no more of your highly lauded coma-inducing boredom!